1. The student has fully understood the Institutions in terms of location, course content, reputation, cost of tuition fee, refund policy and their policies and living expenses, their local laws and rules and regulations applicable to foreign students.

2. The student will provide Silver Fern with all documents in relation to the application/manual as recommended by Silver Fern.

3. The consultancy fee charged by Silver Fern, if any, does not include visa application fee, institute application fee or any other costs such as medical examination, PCC or any other actual charges to be borne by the student in respect to their student application. The student understands that the Visa Processing Fee paid to the Immigration Department and the Application Fee to the Institution are non-refundable.

4. Silver Fern will apply to Universities/Colleges/Institutions abroad and Universities/Colleges/Institutions application fee would be payable by the student. The student will provide all the required educational and experience documents, financial documents, certain affidavits and undertakings and test scores (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE GMAT, LSAT, TSE etc.) and reports as required by the institutes and embassies and all expenses related to these would be borne by the student.

5. Silver Fern provides visa guidance to all its successfully admitted students. The offer letter will be handed over only after the student gives the appropriate documentation to Silver Fern and after all the necessary verifications of such documents, if needed, are completed by Silver Fern. This service fee/ application fee, if any, is for the admission/provisional admission and Silver Fern will not be responsible in case the student does not clear the conditions laid by the University as stated in the provisional admission. Company does not prepare or assist in preparation of any documents relating to personal information, education, work experience, finances etc.

6. Silver Fern assists the student only in the admission process and does not in any way assist him/her with job placements or settlement opportunities abroad. It is understood by the student that he or she is going abroad for the purpose of education only and has been advised to adhere to this purpose alone. Not fulfilling this purpose would lead to breach of permit/visa and the student and/or their guardian/parents would be fully responsible of any adverse effects of this. It is made understood that Silver Fern is not a recruitment agent and does not offer any job assurance.

7. Silver Fern does not guarantee the visa and does not refund the consultancy fee/ visa fee/ application fee, if any, in case of Visa rejection or if the student does not pursue the visa application. Silver Fern will assist the student in applying for the refund of any tuition fee paid to the respective institution but the final decision in regards to any such refund lies with the institution and Silver Fern does not have any say in it. The student agrees to abide by the Institution’s refund policy to which the student has applied for his/her course of study and the student has agreed to the Institution’s refund policy at the time of applying to study at the respective institution. The student agrees to the fact that Silver Fern has properly explained the refund policy of the institution to which the student has applied to study in and that the final decision of granting or refusing the refund solely rests in the hands of the institution and Silver Fern bears no responsibility in this process.

8. In case of any fake documentation or information of any type provided by the student, Silver Fern will not assist the student to get any type of refund from the respective institution to which the student has applied. Silver Fern will also be eligible to take legal recourse to receive compensation from the student to the tune of Rs 1 lakh if during the processing of the application if any fake documentation has been provided by the student to Silver Fern.

9. That the student has been counselled regarding his/her English conversation skills, as he/she would have to speak with the Immigration Officer both in person and over the telephone and that he/she would be joining English conversation classes to improve his/her English speaking skills if he / she is not upto the expected level.

10. That the liability of Silver Fern to the student to assist in the application process comes to an end immediately upon the issuance of the visa to the student by the Embassy and it is not in the domain of duties of Silver Fern to provide any further assistance in the nature of processing jobs,assistance on landing in the country, references etc.